Paolo Bevilacqua

Crafting Innovative Technologies for Robotics and Automation

Paolo Bevilacqua received his PhD in Informatics and Communication Technologies at the University of Trento, Italy, in 2019, and his master degree in Informatics at the University of Trento, 2015. He is attending the third year of PhD in Informatics and Telecommunications at the University of Trento. During the PhD he mainly focused on the development of algorithms on path-planning algorithms for mobile robots, with applications not only in the field of assistive robotics (in the context of the European project ACANTO), but also in the field of automotive and automation of warehouses. His main research focused on the development of efficient solutions for the generation of global reference trajectories to be followed by the autonomous vehicles, and local real-time re-planning of these trajectories to avoid collisions with both static and moving obstacles, allowing autonomous navigation in spaces shared with humans. During his studies he gained experience in the design, implementation and testing of software architectures, and developed an excellent knowledge of C, C ++, Java and Python programming languages.