Crafting Innovative Technologies for Robotics and Automation

Flexible, autonomous and intelligent

A robot at the service of humans

for logistics, manufacturing and warehouses


Dolomiti Robotics has a portfolio of technologies that are easily adaptable to any logistic device in the logistic and manufacturing environment, according to the customer needs. We can either provide our products or retrofit existing manual or automatic solutions to increase intelligence, automation, safety and human-robot collaboration in the factories. Starting from a collection and a studying of the user requirements (geometry constraints, payload and topology of goods to be handled) we customize and personalize our technology to best adapt it to every user need. 

Starting from a commercial device we change the mechanical components with motors and sensors in order to make it able to navigate in complex environments autonomously, without the need of relying on complex and expensive infrastructure. The robot can be remotely called by the user and it will automatically reach it, saving a lot of his time. Once the robot is loaded, the user can send it to any location in the factory. The robot is also able to follow the user, to respond to his gesture and voice commands.