Ongoing Collaborations

Dolomiti Robotics collaborates with other companies in the realization of:

  • analytical instruments based on X-Ray techniques.

Analytical Instruments

From February 2019 we collaborate with DFP Technologies ( in the realization of analytical instruments, mainly based on the X-Ray Diffraction and Fluorescence techniques. DFP Technologies provides services in the field of material analysis, like refurbishing and of existing instruments, customisation of devices and systems, design of new XRD products.

Within this collaboration, Dolomiti Robotics focuses mainly on the software aspects, taking care of the design and realization of the software architecture of the instrument, including also the choice among different embedded boards and computing platforms. Our work ranges from the low-level software components (motors and sensors control) to the high-level components (GUI – Data analysis). Moreover, if necessary and according to the customer requirements, an ad-hoc embedded board can be designed.

The software can work either in Linux or Windows environments, depending on the customer requirements.

Material composition analysis with X-Ray technique

This instrument is able to provide a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the material composition of the samples. Special high and low temperature chambers can be added to analyze the correlation between temperature and material composition. A spinner can be also mounted on the sample holder to minimise the errors introduced by grain orientations.

Stress and residual austenite analysis with X-Ray technique

This instument is able to provide either a map of the residual stress or the residual austenite of the sample. The main feature of such instrument is the presence of a camera which allow the user to choose with high precision where to perform the measure over the sample surface.